Wednesday, 4 June 2014

When I have Allah; I have everything

Benefits of each surahs in Quran:-

Chapter 91: Surah Ash Shams
By reciting this Surah daily, it will increase your livelihood and people will always be in agreement with you. Your heart will be strong and you will have good memory.

Chapter 92: Surah Wal Layl
Recite this Surah 15 times before sleeping and see only good dreams. And if you recite this Surah in the ear of a person who is unconscious or suffering form epilepsy, he will be cured.

Chapter 93: Surah Wad Duha
Write this Surah over the name of a person who has disappeared, he will come back. If you have forgotten anything, recite this Surah and the thing will remain in Allah (SWT)'s protection.

Chapter 94: Surah Al Inshirah
Cure chest pains by reciting this Surah and wear an amulet for palpitations. If a person whose
urine has stopped, write this Surah, soak it in water and then drink it, it will cure the ailment,.

Chapter 95: Surah Wat Teen
Poison will not affect the person who recites on his food

Chapter 96: Surah Al Alaq
Recite this Surah for safe travel, from drowning, safekeeping treasures. Recite this Surah in the
day or at night and if you die in the course of it, you will die a martyr's death.

Chapter 97: Surah Al Qadr
i) Recite 10 times in one sitting, 1000 sins are forgiven.
ii) Recite 15 times after Isha prayers, you'll be safe until the next night.
iii) Recite this Surah in wajib prayer, all your sins will be forgiven.
iv) Recite this Surah once in Ramadhan and get the reward of fasting for the whole month.
v) Recite this Surah in front of your employer, your work will be done.
vi) Recited 7 times on a mu'mins grave, his sins are forgiven.

Chapter 98: Surah Al Bayyinah
Hang around the neck for cure of jaundice/white spots on body. Soak the Surah in water, drink
and pregnancy stays safe and body swellings disappear. Recite it on food there will be no effect of

Chapter 99: Surah Az Zilzaal
Recite this Surah to keep you safe from earthquakes and accidental deaths and you will die peaceful
and enter heaven. Whoever has been afflicted with facial paralysis should look at this Surah to get

Chapter 100: Surah Al A'adiyat
Regular recitation of this Surah will be rewarded equally to the whole Qur'an. Your debts will be
paid and you will be free from fears. If you are in pain, write this Surah in a new utensil and soak it
with rainwater, then add a pinch of Sugar. Drink this water for the pain to subside.

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