Saturday, 7 June 2014

thoughts on surah al-'infitar (ayah #6-8)

OK, I think this will be the last post on Surah Al-'Infitar for now (just until I finish some studying and errands) but it was too awesome to not share...


I was really winded by these ayat - yeah, "winded." Just FYI I'm running out of words to use when I talk about how I feel post-Ustadh-Qur'an-tangent.

- "I was amazed..."
- "I was overwhelmed..."
- "I was mindblown..."

I mean, it's starting to sound really cheesy everytime I say those because I'm not really amazed, or overwhelmed, or mindblown, or even winded - it's so much more than that but I don't know how to express that feeling in words. Sigh.

Anyway, in the first ayah here, Ustadh said that Allah (subhana wa'taala) asks us: what was it that deluded us? What was it that preoccupied us? What was it that made us so careless about our Lord?

He is described as "Karim," the Generous, the Gracious, the Noble - and Ustadh said, you know there are some people who take the generosity of others for granted. So, the more lenient you are, the more people take advantage sometimes - and in the same way, sometimes when we act against Allah (subhana wa'taala) and we don't see immediate punishment or consequences, we take His Generosity, His Karim for granted - like, "Oh Allah (subhana wa'taala) is soooo Generous, He wouldn't punish me."

In the next ayat, Ustadh said that Allah (subhana wa'taala) continues to ask us - how could we be careless about the One who created us, who balanced us? He created us with both worldly and spiritual desires, to want for ourselves and to want for others. He balanced us and He created us in whatever form He wanted.

Then Ustadh said this...

Yes, Allah (subhana wa'taala) fashioned the way we look, He molded our physical forms but He also assembled us in the figurative sense. He put us in different experiences that shaped us. I wouldn't be the person who I am today without my past - my mistakes, and so on. All of these past experiences shaped who I am and it's all part of THE PLAN so we can't undermine the lessons from our pasts.

It is a reality though that a lot of our pasts have been pretty tough. I'm not really the best person to talk about why Allah (subhana wa'taala) puts us through difficulties so I'll just say what Ustadh said:

When an athlete is in training, it's not easy. He has to endure a great deal and even if he doesn't complain out loud, he perhaps wonders why his coach is putting him through all this difficulty but his coach's response is quite simple: "I expect greatness from you."

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