Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Conversation with the moon – Ma’al Qamar

I love this poem by Saudi Arabian poet, Abdul Rahman al-Ashmāwi. His poems make me weep. When I first read the poem and when I came to the part where the moon says “و قال أتعني الرّسول الكريم؟ ، أتعني الصّدّيق، أتعني عمر؟” – “Do you mean tales of the gracious Prophet, Do you mean as-Siddique (Abu Bakr) or do you mean ‘Umar?”, my heart skipped a beat and the tears began to flow as I read on. This is truly beautiful as are all Ashmāwi’s other poems. It is also beautifully sung. Hope you enjoy it and take time to reflect and take stock of yourself. It doesn’t take much, this poem definitely gets you there.

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  1. Hi !

    Stumbled upon that Ma al-Qamar nasheed few months ago (and i loved every bit of it!) and can't seem to find any of those decently compiled English subtitles :/

    Do you know anywhere to find them lyrics/subtitles cos the poem was indeed meaningful ?