Sunday, 1 June 2014

letter as a warning of attitude

Surah 'Abasa (Arabic: عبس, "He's surly") is the 80th sura of the Koran. It belongs sura surah Makkiyah consisting of 42 verses. Named 'Abasa taken from the word' Abasa contained in the first verse of this surah. According to history, on one occasion the Holy Prophet received and talked with leaders of Quraysh what he hoped for them to Islam. In the meantime came the Ibn Umm Maktum, a blind friend who hopes that the Messenger of Allah read to him the verses of the Qur'an Allah has revealed. But the Prophet s.a.w. frowned and turned away from Ibn Umm Maktum a blind man, then God sends down this letter as a warning of attitude towards the Messenger of Allah ibn Umm Maktum it.

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